Daily Topic for December 10, 2012

Matthew 2:3
When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him.

What?? It’s understandable that the power-mad Herod would not want the Messiah to be born. He knew that this was the beginning of the end for him, and although he knew the Scriptures were true, he was willing to defy God’s plan. But what about the people of Jerusalem? These are supposed to be God’s children! Weren’t there many among them who were serious about their relationship with the God they worshipped at the Temple? How could it be that the Jewish people can be more spiritually dull than Gentile astrologers? Likewise, could we become spiritually dull during this Christmas season, as we focus on shopping and church events rather than the birth of the savior?

Pray that we will have spiritual hunger for Jesus, and not settle for the materialism our culture offers this Christmas season.

SAT-7 Efforts

by JS

How can every home in North Africa and the Middle East hear the gospel message? If that home has a television, programs that teach the truth about Jesus are available through satellite TV. SAT-7 is Christian satellite television by and for the people of this region. It broadcasts a variety of indigenously produced programs in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. Although there are many dialects of Arabic, when written in classical Arabic sub-titles, the language is understandable for those who can read, but a significant number of its viewers are illiterate, making television a perfect way to reach them.

SAT-7 readily employs strategies and various speakers to help ensure that the vast majority of viewers can recognize the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Viewers readily respond and indicate that the gospel message is touching their hearts. Million watch the SAT-7 KIDS program with cartoons and upbeat music that shares biblical truths. Parents will often watch SAT-7 with their children so that they can gain even more knowledge through the visual art. Today, more than any time in history, there are available tools and materials to take the gospel message to the ends of the earth.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for creative programming in various dialects of the major languages that will speak to the needs of the Muslim world. Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of viewers with the truth of the gospel.

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