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Isaiah 40:5
And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

When we listen to great music like Handel’s Messiah, we get a foretaste of inspiration we will experience when Christ returns and all flesh shall see it together. Every tribe, tongue, nation, and people will be represented on that day. But preceding this powerful revelation to all flesh is the Christmas event when the soon coming King first came as a humble baby who would pay for the sins of the world. Humility comes before honor. So often in our endeavors we are looking for glory without paying the price of humility. But God in Jesus Christ set the standard.

Worship the One Who humbled Himself that the peoples might have life. May the Lord be exalted among the nations as we bear witness of His grace, mercy, and love!

Missionary Biography, Continued

by AL

Between 1962 and 1966, Charles and Pearl Marsh served in the Republic of Chad. There the extremes of temperature between very wet and very dry seasons brought on Pearl a painful attack of arthritis. It was impossible to get vitamin capsules, and good, healthy food was very expensive. All this contributed to the extreme suffering which characterized the latter part of her life.

In 1964 Pearl returned to Algeria for a visit with Daisy, who was now serving there. She longed to visit her old home, but it was occupied by Harzi, a leader in the Algerian Army. Though a professing Muslim, he was a ruthless man, the murderer of at least 20 people, a man who feared neither God nor man. Under threat of death, the faithful guard they had left on the premises had reluctantly turned over the keys. What a blow to see the home of such happy memories into which she had poured so much love now so filthy and so devastated!

Back in England, Pearl suffered a number of operations following the replacement of a hip. Each time there were complications. She died on January 9th, 1981, after years of patient suffering.

Used with permission, from a manuscript written by Charles Marsh as a permanent memorial to Pearl. “If God is pleased to use it to challenge even one young Christian, it will make the writing so very worthwhile.”-Charles Marsh

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Pray for someone who reads this biography to be inspired to serve among unreached Muslims.

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