Daily Topic for November 18, 2012

Matthew 4:4
Jesus answered, "It is written: �Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."

From what we are reading today, it seems that the Kamviri Nuristani people do not lack bread. Their women know very well how to grow grain, harvest it, and bake it into delicious loaves. But Jesus tells us very clearly in this verse that people are not to just exist on food alone. We need much more than food-we need the Word of God, something that the Kamviri people lack.

Pray that soon the Kamviri people will be introduced to the Word of the Lord by godly believers.

Nuristani Kamviri People

by PE

There are nine related groups in Afghanistan called the Nuristani peoples. Some of them are light-haired and light eyed, and they are not looked upon favorably by the rest of the peoples of Afghanistan. Collectively they share the same religion, Islam, which was forced upon them 100 years ago at sword-point. However each Nuristani group is different from the others due to the awesome and isolating territory in which they live. Soaring mountains and deep valleys separate each Nuristani group, and they have developed differences in language and customs, even to the point of not understanding one another. If someone tries to establish Christ-centered fellowships among the Nuristanis, they will probably need a different network for each of the nine groups.

One of these groups is the 6500 Kamviris. Typically, the women grow half the food for the family in the form of grain products, and the men manage the livestock, meaning that they milk the cows and make cheese and other dairy products. Thus, they eat mostly bread and cheese.

Such a small number of people! Yet the Lord knows the very number of hairs on each of their heads. They have no outreach, and no Bible. Who will learn their dialect and produce the Word that leads to the Lord Jesus?

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Pray that God will call a patient and devoted servant to take the Bible and the living gospel to the precious Kamviri people.

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