Daily Topic for November 06, 2012

Matthew 15:5-6
But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is �devoted to God,' they are not to �honor their father or mother' with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition.

It is very easy for people to let human traditions get in the way of obeying the Word of God. In this passage, Jesus gave one example, but He could have used many others as well. Are there ways that you are letting your culture or your traditions get in the way of obedience to the Word?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you see when you are straying from His Word.

Firozkohi Aimaq

by GEC

Abdullah felt inner conflict for his daughter. Pride swelled as he watched her dance. Although they are nominally Muslim, when their Firozkohi people face drought, their young virgins dance as a plea to the gods for rain. How could he not feel pride for her beauty-inside and out?

But he had ignored his other problem as long as he could: At 18 years she now refused to marry the man he had chosen for her. When she was a child he promised her to his kinsman’s son. Now she objected. In other Muslim cultures, including those in Afghanistan, Abdullah could insist she do as he says. But the Firozkohis allow significant liberties to their women. Ladies participate in decision-making discussions even in the presence of foreigners. And this: they can refuse to enter into a pre-arranged marriage agreement.

The Firozkohi people live in the steep valleys that straddle the Murghab River as it descends from the mountains of northwestern Afghanistan. Their loyalty to Islam depends on the presence of an imam. It remains mixed with ancient tribal spiritualism. There are no known followers of Christ among the Firozkohi people. Neither are there any materials-print or otherwise-in their dialect.

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Pray that the patriarchs of the Firozkohi will encounter visions of Christ. Pray that whole families will follow the light of the living Lord. Pray that translators will step forward to produce materials in their dialect.

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