Daily Topic for November 01, 2012

Jude 23
Snatch others from the fire and save them.

How human it is for us to be concerned primarily with our own salvation. Our own welfare is a natural concern. But it is wrong to stop there. We must be concerned for the spiritual safety and security of others also. Remember God’s challenge to Ezekiel: If you warn them and they do not listen, that is their responsibility. If you do not warn them and they perish, I will hold you responsible (Ezekiel 33:8-9, paraphrased). That is a great challenge to us as we think of those who still have not heard the gospel!

Pray that Christ’s ambassadors in Central Asia will have boldness to not fear rejection and scorn. Pray that He will give us the same courage He gave to Ezekiel to warn others of the judgment awaiting those who reject His grace.

Missionary Biography-Zia

by CW

At age 14, Zia already had memorized the entire Qur’an, even though he was blind. In Western terms that would be like an English speaker memorizing the complete New Testament in Greek! In 1964, he enrolled in the NOOR Institute for the blind in Kabul, Afghanistan. He completed the six primary grades of the Institute in only three years.

While attending classes, this brilliant youth also mastered English. He did this by listening and repeating what he heard on radio programs coming into Afghanistan. He also listened to Christian radio broadcasts, which led him to accept salvation in Christ.

He eventually shared with a few people that he had received Jesus as Savior. People would ask, “Do you realize you could be killed for this, since the Islamic Law of Apostasy for anyone leaving Islam is death?” He always answered, “I have counted the cost and am willing to die for the Messiah, since He has already died on the cross for me.”

Zia became the spiritual leader of the few who followed Christ in Afghanistan. His goal in life was not to seek prominence for himself, but to be a humble servant of his Lord. Zia’s father said that, before he entered the Institute for the Blind, he had been like a cold and unlit piece of charcoal. After his experience there, he had become like a red hot, brightly burning coal.

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Pray for God to raise up fearless believers from among those we will pray for this month.

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