Daily Topic for October 17, 2012

Matthew 26:40 (NAS)
And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, So, you [men] could not keep watch with Me for one hour?

Here Christ’s disciples are found sleeping at a most crucial time in His ministry. When endurance and sacrifice were required, they were found sleeping. We live in a world today that seeks personal peace and prosperity, but Christ is calling us to sacrifice for Him. In partnering together to reach the lost, most of us will not be called in person to go and present the good news to them. But all of us can pray for unreached people groups like the Bind people. They are in desperate need of Jesus. Can you ask God to help you spend one hour praying for Bengali peoples, for those who work among them and for those who stay and pray?

Pray that God will change us and help us by His Holy Spirit to pray faithfully for Bengali peoples and their needs.

Bind People

by LR

The Bind girl nervously picked at her nose, her finger searching for passage around the steel post of her nose piercing. She had just overheard her mother negotiating a price to sex traffickers. Since her father died, her desperate mother struggled to feed her son. Her young daughter was about to become collateral damage.

Estimates say around 900,000 Bind people live in India, the majority living in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, two of the least evangelized states. A lower caste, these “untouchables” are typically landless people who collect reeds from the riverbanks to weave into mats. Their caste is subdivided into other occupational groups, depending on the region where they live. Traditionally, some of them have been fishermen and boatmen on the waters where the reeds grow. The Bind caste council holds strict social control over the people group.

Part of the Bengali people cluster, their primary language is Bhojpuri. Most of the Bind are unable to go to school or learn to read. Therefore the JESUS Film and the 2006 audio translation of the New Testament into Bhojpuri have been key tools for reaching them for Christ. A recent surge in church planting has brought some Bind people to the Lord, but prayer support is needed as they learn to withdraw their allegiance from Hindu gods.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the global church will embrace the Bind mission challenge by praying, giving, and going to them. Pray that the Bind people will welcome Jesus as their only God.

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