Daily Topic for October 05, 2012

John. 2:5, 7 (NAS)
His mother said to the servants, Whatever He says to you, do it.� Jesus said to them, �Fill the water pots with water,' and they filled them up to the brim.

These servants were asked to do an ordinary, common task. But because it was a command from the Master, it would become a part of a great miracle. So often we come to the Lord and say: Lord I am willing to do anything You want me to do. We are ready for the really big things, but are there some simple commands we have been neglecting? We can continue to partner together to see a great harvest among Bengali speaking peoples like the Rayeens through simple acts of obedient faith: praying, spending time in the Word, not being embittered, loving, being faithful, etc.

Pray that through obedient faith, we will to do His will, no matter how simple or insignificant the task may seem.

Shaikhs in India and Bangladesh

by PD

“I have exciting news to share with you! Our church has recently adopted the Shaikh people of Jaipur, India.” The American pastor was in the pulpit telling his congregation about the Shaikh people. “There are 205.5 million Shaikh Muslims in the world, with 75 million in India where they are mainly part of the Bengali people cluster. Some are Sunnis, while others follow the mystical teachings of the Shi’ites.” Through the years strong Islamic teachers, whose knowledge is greatly valued, have come from their communities. Shaikh saints are memorialized at numerous shrines. Most Shaikhs are hard workers who are usually employed in agriculture or the cloth printing industry. With advanced education, others have now become professionals and are teachers, businessmen, politicians, and doctors.

There are no known followers of Christ in the Shaikh community. The Shaikhs have no Christ-centered fellowships, and most of them have no access to Christian print, audio, visual, or broadcasts. There are no known believers working to spread the gospel among them. Will you begin to pray regularly and fervently that the light of the Lord would break through the darkness so they can know their lord Jesus Christ?

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that many more churches will adopt the Shaikh people and earnestly pray, give, and go to reach this large Muslim people group. Pray that God will prepare many of His servants to know how to reach Shaikh religious leaders so they can bring the truth of God’s Word to their people.

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