Daily Topic for October 04, 2012

Luke 11:8 (NAS)
� because of his persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.

Jesus tells us this man received what he wanted because he was persistent. This man was passionate in his request and he did not stop until he received what he was asking for. We believe God wants Rayeen people to follow Jesus and join his church, but we need to be passionately and persistently praying for this to happen.

Pray that God will send believers to this people group, and the Rayeen will respond to the gospel message. Pray that their needs will be brought to our minds so that we will keep praying until His Church is reproduced among them.

Rayeen People

by PD

“Allah, forgive the sins of our Rayeen people and reward our good deeds! We have planted fields, but we lack rain. Please bring in good rain so our crops will grow. Thank you, Allah for the good crops you provided in previous years. There is no god but God and Mohammed is His Prophet.”

Ahmad was praying inside the mosque of his village located in a small, rural community near Delhi, India. For many years he and other Rayeens had been working hard, and they have been seeing good things happen. Many own their own land, and their children are going to school. However, the lack of rain was a major concern.

Over 900,000 Muslim Rayeens live in India, while another 100,000 are spread out over Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. They have a reputation for being a friendly and outgoing people who enjoy their families. Because of their Islamic beliefs they have faced oppression from Hindus, which has prompted many of them to migrate to other locations where they now live. Depending on their location, they speak either Bengali, Urdu, or Maitili. All of these languages have available translations of the Bible and the JESUS Film. Sadly, there are no known followers of Christ among the Rayeens. God longs for them to call upon His Name and know His gift of eternal life found in Jesus as Lord.

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Pray for God to thrust out prepared workers to the Rayeen people so they will come to know the God of the Bible.

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