Daily Topic for September 23, 2012

Ephesians 2:13
But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.

In this chapter, the apostle Paul uses a number of terms to describe the conditions of those without Christ: dead, worldly, sons of disobedience, children of wrath, separated from Christ, excluded, strangers, people without hope and without God. What a litany of pain and sorrow! Despite their high moral standards and generosity, this also describes the noble Jains of Rajasthan. Will you pray with this in mind, knowing that they, too, need the Savior?

Pray that the Jains will overcome their independence, and become dependent on the one true Savior.

Jains in Rajasthan

by KC

“Why are those people going into the temple wearing masks over their mouths? Are they sick?” Supu, a new Indian tour guide was just beginning to get used to the outspoken questions of these foreign tourists who were visiting the Dilwara Temple that particular day.

Supu replied, “These people are not sick. They are Jains, and they revere life so much that they sometimes wear masks over their mouths in case a bug flies too close. They don’t want to swallow it.” The crowd laughed.

Suddenly a woman who was taking pictures where she shouldn’t came running out the temple shouting, “There is a naked man in there!” Supu told his alarmed audience that the man was a Jain monk who had renounced all possessions. To them, nudity is a way to express their contempt for material possessions. He continued, “Most Jains are actually very wealthy. In fact, the man who owns the tour company I work for is a Jain.” “So does he come to work naked?” quipped a tourist.

Though Jains are more likely to live in the neighboring state of Gujarat, there are also many who live in Rajasthan where they have at least three major temples. Jains are noted for their high literacy rate and their willingness to fund hospitals and schools. Jainism started as a reform movement of Hinduism around the same time as Buddhism.

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Pray for Jains in India to seek and find Jesus Christ, the one who can satisfy their spiritual hunger.

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