Daily Topic for September 16, 2012

According to Clarence Maloney, in 1974 the Bhils numbered about three million persons (People of South Asia). According to the Joshua Project, today they number about 13 million people and speak a number of local languages.
Most Bhils live in west and northeast India. Some live in the hill country, others in the plains or near the Arabian Sea. They earn a living as day laborers, village watchmen, farm hands, or cattlemen. They are poorly educated and earn very little.

At the turn of the last century the Bhils experienced a religious awakening that resulted in not only a new Hindu sect springing up, but also the establishment of some Christian churches. The churches were the result of a prophecy coming true concerning an impending famine. The Hindus worship Hanuman, Shiva, and surprisingly, Muslim and Christian saints. They also revere tigers, snakes, boundary deities, and ancestors. Shamanism is common in their communities. There are some Christ followers among them, and they have the Bible in their main language. However, there are not enough missionaries working among the Bhil people.

The Joshua Project asks us to pray that God will prepare the Bhils for a great harvest of souls. Pray that church or mission agencies will evangelize them. Pray that Bhil believers will evangelize their fellow Bhils. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them in dreams and visions, and that missionaries will come to explain the way to Christ.-TP

Bhil Peoples

Credit: Myers

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Credit: Myers

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