Daily Topic for September 15, 2012

Ephesians 3:6
�the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

The idea that the Gentiles are equally acceptable to God was a theme the apostles emphasized repeatedly. This is a most freeing thought for low status scheduled caste people like the Meghwals who are considered by their neighbors to be inferior. We are all members of one body, not many! That gives them dignity and worth. They have a place at the table of God Himself, who is calling them to His kingdom.

Pray that this message of equality in the family of God will be heard and embraced by scheduled low caste groups all over the Hindu world.

Meghwal (Megh) People

by PE

Chitra’s fingers flew as she embroidered an intricate design on soft red fabric she had woven herself. She rose at her mother’s call and ducked into the mud brick house brightly painted with bold designs and inlaid with mirror. When you are among the poorest in India, you cheer your bleak world with color and design.

Chitra froze when she saw her mother’s face. “What is it, Mother?” “I have been ex-communicated for not giving enough honor to the temple.” Both women cried out and embraced. The wails could be heard far beyond their walls. It meant that mother would be put away from the village and family with no support, no livelihood, and no contact. Another evil custom is played out in the life of the Meghwal people.

Meghwal means “clouds.” The members of this low caste believe their ancestor was a saint who produced rain from clouds. The Indian constitution allows people belonging to a low caste to receive special treatment to overcome the disadvantages due to their low caste status. Life is still extremely difficult. Other Hindus believe they are only called “Hindu” for political reasons.

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Pray for Jesus’ followers to go to the Meghwal people and take them a plethora of audio-visual material (as they are pre-literate) and the testimony of the gospel. Pray that many Meghwal will understand and receive a clear understanding of the gospel. Pray for them to have a burning desire to joyfully and accurately tell other people in their group about Jesus.

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