Daily Topic for September 12, 2012

John 4:7b
Jesus said to her, "Will you give me a drink?"

Much like today’s caste system, the Jews and Samaritans of Jesus’ time did not associate with one another, nor did they share valuable resources like water. It was a strange thing for Jesus to request water from this Samaritan woman. By doing so, He broke down barriers that were never meant to be. In doing so, He shocked His disciples as well as the woman herself. There are many important lessons we can learn from this transaction. One of them is that in the Lord’s eyes no nation is to be neglected. The Samaritans, much like the Sargara community today, were not to be left out of the invitation to become part of the Kingdom of God.

Pray that many believers in India today will realize the importance of including all castes and tribes in hearing the good news, as they share His Word throughout the country.

Sargara People

by EJD

Wiping the beads of sweat on his brow, Vijay picked up his axe, hoisting it above him, and brought it down on the log with all the energy he could muster. The relentless sun beat on his bare back as he split logs. The desert heat made his tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth. He ached for a sip of water. He knew there was water in an earthen pot nearby. However, he restrained himself, for the earthen pot belonged to one who was considered “untouchable,” and this member of the Sargara community had learned never to receive anything from “one of those.” Swallowing the little moisture that his mouth could afford, he continued chopping wood.

On the way home, he saw a house with a well! Dropping his axe to the ground and wiping his sweaty palm on the sides of his dhoti, he decided to take a drink of water. Would anyone see him take their water? The home belonged to a family from a higher caste, and he would be in serious trouble if anyone saw him drink their water. He quickly took a drink, and was back on the road. His heart sank when he realized something. He muttered, “They think of me the same way I think of the untouchables. How can we live this way?”

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Pray that the Sargara people of Rajasthan would see through the caste system and seek the liberating gospel of Christ that is for every caste.

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