Daily Topic for August 03, 2012

Acts 17:22a
Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: "Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious."

It was necessary for Paul to reach the Athenians in a way that would not raise unnecessary concerns. Like Hindus in today’s world, the Athenians of Paul’s day had certain cultural ways of presenting ideas. To the Athenians it was speaking at the public forum they called the Areopagus. Likewise, Kantha realized that in order to be heard by a Hindu audience, it was helpful to call a “sacred assembly.” Though the form of music was Hindu, the content of the words was purely worship of the Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. By using their own unique form of communication through music, the gospel message was acceptable to the Hindu villagers. Many Hindu hearts were touched by the message of Christ that day.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for today’s native gospel workers who must use other cultural forms without compromising the gospel message.

Missionary biography, continued

Kantha took a job working for a Christian foreigner named James who had started a company in India. Kantha asked James what he thought of his decision to perform the customary ritual at his father’s funeral. “You did the right thing,” he replied. Amazed, Kantha said, “You are the first Christian to tell me this!”

James introduced Kantha by phone to Swamiji. A Hindu by birth and a devotee of Christ by faith, Swamiji’s journey was similar to Kantha’s. Well-meaning believers whose families had been Christians for generations counseled Swamiji to make choices that caused irreparable damage to relationships with family members. Swamiji showed Kantha that the Bible teaches that we do not need to follow foreign customs to follow Christ. Instead, God can use our cultures as a bridge to reach entire families for Him. Swamiji introduced Kantha to others who were doing exactly that. They were engineers, farmers, business people, teachers, musicians, and even full-time Christian workers.

Swamiji and some musician friends came to Kantha’s village and held a satsang, or sacred assembly. A huge crowd showed up, and they all sang bhajans-devotional songs in a traditional Indian style-to Jesus! Swamiji officiated, even working with the local village priest. Afterwards, Kantha’s family members told him, “For the longest time it has been as if you’ve been far away. But after tonight, we feel like you have finally come back home.”

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Pray for Hindu background believers to understand how to draw their friends, families, and neighbors to Christ without compromising their faith.

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