Daily Topic for August 02, 2012

Acts 11:14
"He will bring you a message through which you and all your household will be saved."

When Peter explains this angelic message, it may seem to us that something is amiss. The reason is that we tend to think in terms of individuals accepting Christ, rather than families accepting Him as a unit. However, the concept of groups coming to Christ together was well understood in biblical times. Just like in biblical times, Indians rarely have the liberty to make a major decision without the consent of those who hold power over them like a patriarch or a village headman. That is why Kantha was so concerned that his father accept the idea of his turning to Christ.

Pray that those in authority in India will have the eyes of their hearts open, and that they will allow the people in their charge to put their faith in Christ.

Missionary biography, continued

Kantha was relieved and delighted when his father accepted his spiritual decision to follow Christ. He hoped to convince his dad to do the same, but this did not happen. Kantha led his younger brothers to faith in Christ, but his sister was hesitant to accept the new faith since it would probably mean she would marry someone from the low status Dalits. Kantha grew in his faith and served in several ministries full time.

When Kantha reached the age to marry, his father realized that his son needed a Christian wife. He found a wonderful young lady from the Dalit community, where most of India’s followers of Christ come from. His new father in law was a church leader.

As the eldest son, it was Kantha’s duty to perform the final rites when his father died. Against strong objections from local Christians, he performed the rites, which included no idols or Hindu worship. The rite involved walking three times around the departed, pouring water from a pot each time to represent his passage to a different stage of life. At the end of the rite, Kantha dropped the empty pot on the ground representing the body’s return to the earth. Then he lit the pyre.

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Pray for Hindu background believers to clearly hear from the Holy Spirit regarding what they should do to both honor Christ and reach out to their Hindu family members.-KC

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