Daily Topic for July 31, 2012

Philemon 6
I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

It has been observed that only when we share the gospel across cultural barriers can we fully comprehend the gospel message ourselves. When we see the truths of the gospel through the eyes of another culture, those truths come alive for us in a new way. Sharing our faith with another people group forces us to examine what in our worship must be universal and what is only cultural. Perhaps the confusion which pervades so many of our churches about the content of the gospel message is due to our failure to seriously share this message with other groups.

Pray that a frontier missions priority in our churches will result in our greater understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Fulakunda People of Senegal

The Fulakunda woman sullenly walked through the village. To her right stood round huts with straw roofs. She could see the fields of corn and rice in the distance. The woman saw her family’s large herd of cattle grazing. Because of the large herd, her family was known in the village for their wealth.

All was well, except for one thing. She felt very lonely. The life of the Fulakunda people of Senegal is a life of relationships with others. Though she walked alone in the morning, she knew that when evening arrived her village would come together to sing! This would give her an opportunity to share her loneliness in song, and ironically, enjoy being with friends. The Fulakunda people consider it appropriate to freely acknowledge their need for companionship and love in song. She would sing all of her songs in the beautiful Pulaar language. Although the woman’s Fulakunda village was totally Muslim, they intertwined animistic traditions and beliefs with Islam.

The lonely woman is one of 2,000,000 Fulakunda people. It took 70 years for the population to become 99 percent Muslim. It will take consistent prayer from many believers to open the hearts of the Fulakunda people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Pray for God to rise up many to pray for the Fulakunda people of Senegal. Ask God to soften their hearts. Pray that He will send believers to share the JESUS Film with them.-NW

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