Daily Topic for July 20, 2012

1 Thessalonians 1:8
The Lord's message rang out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia-your faith in God has become known everywhere.

One of the first signs that a church is responding in obedience to the gospel is the witness its members have towards others, first towards its own people and then towards other people groups. Missionaries today tell story after story about those who have just received Christ and are growing in their new-found faith. The new Christians are soon also expressing a deep concern for the fate of their Christ-less neighbors-often their former enemies.

Pray that the peoples recently responding to the gospel in Nepal will take this treasure to others who do not yet know Christ. Pray that missionaries will emphasize this to new believers they disciple.

Bantawa Rai People of Nepal

How does a language die? Sometimes it dies with a people due to a natural disaster or genocide, but more often we see a process that linguists have named “language shift.” This happens when speakers of a language simply cease to speak their mother tongue, often in favor of a new national or global language.

Language shift is occurring among the Bantawa speakers of Nepal. Kathmandu is often cited as an example of runaway urbanization and industrialization. In all of their schools, both public and private, they teach Nepali or English.

The Bantawa Rai are primarily rice farmers. They have yet to profit from sufficient knowledge of technology to increase their crop yield, so they are relatively poor. The men are known for their bravery and have earned respect in the Royal Nepalese Army. Joining the army is often a way out of enduring economic hardship.

The majority of Bantawa Rai people are Hindu. However Buddhism holds a significant minority in religious bondage. There are only 22 known believers among the Bantawa Rai people. 

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Pray for a Bantawa Bible. This would reveal God’s word to them in their mother tongue and also help preserve their language. Pray that God will raise up qualified linguists to translate the Bible into the Bantawa language. Pray too that Global Recordings Network can find native speakers to record the gospel message into Bantawa.-JS

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