Daily Topic for July 19, 2012

1 Timothy 6:7
For we brought nothing into this world, and we can take nothing out of it.

Death rituals are very important to the Eastern Tamang people of Nepal. As Buddhists, they believe that your actions in this life will affect the next life after they are reincarnated. They must understand that you can’t take material goods with you beyond the grave. God makes clear in this verse that we cannot carry material wealth out of this world. But we can invest material goods in things that last forever-the destiny of unreached peoples like the Tamangs. Every dollar we contribute to frontier mission outreach pays eternal dividends. It’s true that we can’t take money with us-but we can send it on ahead.

Pray that God will give us the wisdom to invest our money in things that last forever.

East Tamang People of Nepal

by JS

Most people in the western world have heard of the Sherpas in relationship to climbing Mt. Everest, but few have heard of the Tamang people who also have been very involved in mountain climbing in these high mountains. The Tamangs are a very old culture, and some authorities consider them to be the original ethnic Nepalis. They inhabit practically the entire mountainous region of Nepal and the surrounding countries of India, Myanmar, and Bhutan.
The Tamangs constitute 5.6 percent of Nepal’s population, and they are considered one of the largest ethnic groups of Nepal. Most are Buddhists. They have an elaborate system of societal leaders, six of whom manage various aspects of Tamang society.
In Tamang society death rituals are considered to be the most important of all the ceremonies. A Buddhist lama performs them, and they take on an important meaning because Tamangs view death in a casual, almost upbeat manner. Potential marriage alliances are formed during Tamang death feasts.
As long as the Tamangs live in their traditional villages, they are able to grow food and livestock for their own needs. It will take very persistent and dedicated workers to live among the Tamangs and be effective in sharing Christ with them.

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Pray for missionaries who have heard God’s call and seen His vision for winning the Tamangs for the Kingdom. Pray that their efforts will be anointed by the Holy Spirit.

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