Daily Topic for July 07, 2012

Hebrews 1:2
...He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe.

This great statement affirms that Jesus Christ shapes the boundaries of human history. He is the beginning, the Creator of all things, the Maker of everything that exists. And He is the end, the focal point to which all history is moving. Since Christ is the beginning and end of human history, what a tragedy that so many people groups still look to the spirit world to “shower them with good” rather than looking to the only One who actually has that power.

Pray that the Tausug people will soon put their faith entirely in the finished work of Christ.

Tausug People of the Philippines

by EJD

The mother nervously watched her little boy, Datu, as he tossed and turned on his bed. His clothes were wet with perspiration. She had tried every remedy that was handed down to her, but the boy’s fever showed no signs of going away. The boy’s grandmother said, “There is nothing left to do but to call the manguguba (the curer). He will know how the spirits can be appeased, and the boy spared.”
In spite of being staunch Muslims, Tausug people like the family described above still hold onto pre-Islamic rituals and practices. Instead of putting their entire faith in Allah, they believe that the earth is filled with spirits that dictate whether a person is going to be swamped with misfortune or showered with good.
The Tausug people dwell in the Sulu Archipelago in the southwestern Philippines. They are largely a fishing community, though they also participate in agricultural activities. They have managed to remain isolated from the activities of the rest of the Philippines. No one knows for sure when this people group in this remote corner of the globe converted to Islam, but it is widely believed that they embraced Islam as a result of the work of Arab Muslim traders in the 10th century.

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Pray that God would raise up from among His followers sensitive messengers of Christ’s love who will go to this people who have lacked adequate mission efforts.

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