Daily Topic for July 02, 2012

1 Timothy 6:20
Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care.

Each of us has received a trust from God; that is, a deposit of knowledge, resources, and gifts. God expects us to exercise responsible stewardship of this trust, both to maintain it and to invest it so as to accomplish His purposes. This is the essence of stewardship: using resources to fulfill responsibilities. God trusted Mr. Choi to do what He wanted him to do for the nations. Likewise, God has entrusted many things for Korean believers as they serve Him all over the world.

Pray for the Korean church to guard what has been entrusted to their care, so that they will be faithful to trust Him and obey His voice.

Missionary Biography, Continued

Change was brewing. In the 1950s and 60s, the United Bible Societies (UBS) were run almost exclusively by Americans and Englishmen. In 1962 Chan received a call from the American Region of the UBS. They offered to make him general secretary for the Thai Region of the UBS, a region that was previously covered by Americans. He took the position and quickly made important changes.

One of these changes was to offer Bibles to the monks in Thailand’s many Buddhist monasteries. Many of these monks were grateful for the Bibles and amazed at the wonderful teachings they contained. Mr. Choi had to order many more Bibles to accommodate their spiritual needs.

Recognizing that there is a high percentage of people in Asia who are functionally illiterate, Mr. Choi began new projects like printing comic book versions of Bible stories for young readers. Tape recordings of Bible messages were very popular. The area covered by Mr. Choi for the Bible Society was soon expanded.  Mr. Choi found that to make the Bible acceptable and understandable to Bengali speaking Muslims, they had to use Muslim, rather than Hindu terminologies for a special translation.

There were many other methods for reaching people for Christ that Mr. Choi taught us. Today he lives in Pasadena, California and teaches classes at Fuller Theological Seminary’s Korean Studies program.

Taken from, My Cup Overflows: A Biography of Chan Young Choi, by Peter Im, 2012. Published by William Carey International University Press. Available for purchase from www.wciupress.org

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Pray for the Lord to anoint Korean missionaries throughout the 21st century with spiritual gifting that will bless the nations.-KC

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