Daily Topic for June 23, 2012

Colossians 3:3
For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

We must die before we can have new life. Specifically, we must die to ourselves and to our sinful, selfish nature. This is an important part of the changes needed before we can change our part of the world to a Christ-ward direction. To do this is supernatural—it goes against our nature as fallen mankind. To answer the call of Christ and die to self can only happen by a miracle of God.

Pray that many from the Zuojiang Zhuang people will soon die to themselves, and accept new life in Christ.

Zuojiang Zhuang People

by JS

In today’s world it is hard to conceive of such an ethnically and linguistically distinct people as the Zuojiang Zhuang living in a small area like Guangxi Province of China. But that is exactly the case. Although the Zuojiangs are a branch of the Zhuang minority group that we have been reading about, their language is very different from their cousins.
A modern example of this occurred in southern Louisiana during the 1700s when Acadian exiles from Canada settled among the different bayous, swamplands, and lowlands. Because of their isolation and the difficulty of travel, different communities developed separate dialects of the French that they all once spoke, eventually making communication difficult between them.
Mountains and rivers have separated the Zhuang subgroups, and linguists and translators have challenges interpreting the many different dialects of each group. The missionaries translating the Bible or portions of it into the native tongues (the written word) and Global Recordings Network (the oral word) face challenges finding the many interpreters and language helpers that are needed.

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Pray for those translating the written word into the Zhuang dialects and languages and for those making gospel recordings. Pray that these translations will be accurate. Pray that translators will be sensitive to the distinctive Zuojiang culture and effective in their distribution of gospel materials.

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