Daily Topic for June 16, 2012

Colossians 1:20
…and through him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.

What missionaries are taking to the nations is reconciliation with the Father. But this can only happen through accepting the blood sacrifice of Christ as payment for sin. This is very hard for Buddhist peoples to accept. Blood sacrifice is considered disgusting to most Buddhists, and their concept of sin is very different from what the Bible teaches.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to show Buddhists everywhere their need to accept God’s way of reconciliation.

Laha People of Vietnam

by CN

The Ban flowers are now blossoming. It is celebration time once again among the Laha people, as well as for other people groups in Vietnam. The annual Ban Flower Festival is a time for young people to show their romantic love for one another. Young men and women meet one another and date throughout the day. The man puts the prettiest Ban flower he can find in the hair of the girl he loves. Overwhelmed, the girl blushes and hides herself among the green leaves of spring.
The Ban Flower Festival is also a time for families to worship and show gratitude to their ancestors. The Laha people believe in many supernatural spirits which include those of the forest, the water, the mist, and the house. In each Laha family, only the soul of a deceased father is worshipped. His spirit is the spirit of the house. Of the 6,500 Laha people, only about five percent are Christ followers.

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Pray that the few Laha believers will “blossom” for Jesus among their own people, so that others will see the Kingdom of God at work in their lives. Pray that the Laha people may realize God’s love for them and that God wants to include them in the gathering of the harvest for His Kingdom. Pray for workers to disciple Laha believers.

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