Daily Topic for June 12, 2012

Colossians 1: 21
Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior.

We are all alienated from the God who created us because of our evil behavior. We have become His enemies. This is a devastating situation to be in. Think of it—being the enemy of the One who created you! There is only one way out of it, and few find it. Most gravitate to the broad road that leads to destruction. In doing so, they find themselves apart from Him, and tangled up in some form of spiritual bondage.

Pray that the Phuan people will have a great hunger for the true God who loves them, so that they will seek Him diligently and find Him.

Phuan People of Laos and Thailand

by JR

The 280,000 Phuan people live today in both Laos and Thailand. Most of them make their living either in the textile industry or in farming. They wear colorful, distinctive pakamas, or sarongs that they manufacture. They are a distinct people group with their own language and identity. They were socially prominent for centuries.
After many wars and captivity in Laos, a number of this unique people group came to Thailand between 1827 and 1890. Today most Phuans live in small communities rather than in large population centers. Buddhism is the dominant religion among the Phuan people of Thailand. But this is not the case in Laos. Nearly all Lao Phuan people practice some form of local ethnic religion. Though the distinction between Buddhism and animism is faint in this part of the world, the Phuan people of Laos primarily worship “guidance spirits.” Such worship produces spiritual bondage and tragic consequences for the people. Lao Phuan women and children have been subjected to prostitution. There are only about 400 known believers in Christ among this people group.

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Pray that bondages in their lives would be broken. Pray that Christ followers will be freshly moved to begin reaching out to the Phuan people. Pray that God would give dreams and visions to the Phuans that will bring them to faith.

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