Daily Topic for June 09, 2012

Colossians 1:17
He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Few people from a Buddhist-animistic background understand who Jesus Christ is. He was before all things and all things hold together through Him. What a huge statement! This puts Him solely in control. There is no need for idols, omens, or superstitions, and no room for false gods. He is all the Northern Thai people need!

Pray that many from the Northern Thai people will put their faith in the One who holds all things together. Pray that they will understand the ramifications of Christ’s claims.

Northern Thai

by EJD

Looking out the window on this lazy September afternoon as the slanting rays of the sun skimmed the top of the paddy leaves, the elderly Northern Thai woman stirred the pot of rice. The golden hues of the sun’s rays made the endless stretch of green glisten. She shivered as she thought about what had happened in the morning. It was very different from the serene silence of the afternoon. While cleaning the cupboard earlier that day, she chanced upon a strange looking insect and was reminded of a tale of misfortune that her mother had narrated to her when she was a child. The story was about how angry spirits roam the earth bringing misfortune upon people. She couldn’t help but worry that the insect was an omen of upcoming troubles with such spirits.
In spite of having the Bible translated in their language and having access to the liberating faith of Christ, the Northern Thai people are plagued by fears that confound them; these fears are the residue of their animistic beliefs. Many still put their faith in spirits that are in rebellion against the Holy Creator. They fear created spirits rather than the One who created all, the One who holds their destiny.

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Pray that the Northern Thai people will put their faith in their creator and His Son, Jesus Christ, rather than in spirits and omens. Pray that they would come to accept the fear-free abundant life that Christ offers.

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