Daily Topic for June 07, 2012

Colossians 1:12
…who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light.

One of the things offered by the Lord is an inheritance. That inheritance involves many things. It involves eternal salvation, a home with the Lord Himself, eternal happiness, and holy direction in the existing life. Being taken out of the darkness into the light is something that Paul highlights in this passage. We can be led out of the confusion, distress, and error of darkness into the light of truth. What an inheritance! But as you can see from today’s prayer entry, the Tai Long people depend on shamans to provide them with their needs. What kind of inheritance will they have?

Pray that many from the Tai Long people will soon claim their inheritance and be drawn into the light of Christ.

Tai Long People of Laos

by GEC

The shaman is determined to prove to the spirits that he has the power to keep them away as he blesses the newly built house for a Tai Long family. He sits on low cushions, fanning himself. He faces a makeshift altar where various items surround a mound of rice. He chants, then lights a two-foot long candle and stands it in the rice. He wraps a white cord around his head. More chanting. With the cord he secures a shirt around a two-foot long knife. With a little wax he attaches the candle to the handle end of the knife. Then he stands the blade of the knife into the mound of rice. Now he addresses the spirits, warning them not to interfere as he blesses the house.
The Tai Long people observe many of the same customs as the other Tai groups in Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Slight dialect differences emerge due to living in different locales. But they all claim adherence to Buddhism and mix that with spirit worship. In addition, any effort to evangelize the Tai Long in Laos faces the opposition of the Communist government.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the way for Christ’s witnesses to evangelize the Tai Long people of Laos. Pray that shamans will encounter the true and living God. Pray that believers in the area will show the difference the Lord Jesus makes in a home.

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