Daily Topic for June 06, 2012

Colossians 1:11b-12a
…and joyfully giving thanks to the Father…

There is much we can thank God for. Paul lists many of these things in other parts of Colossians. We should not rest until there are people from every tribe, tongue, and nation that joyfully give thanks to the Father. But currently the Tai Kuens and other Tai speaking peoples give thanks to gods that are not God, as you can see from today’s entry.

Pray that some from the Tai Kuen people will soon give thanks, praise, and worship to the One who created them and offers redemption through His Son.

Tai Kuen People of Thailand and Myanmar

by GEC

Drums and symbols start a dance cadence, while a gong keeps a steady beat. Two young ladies enter with gentle dance movements. A giant fan is attached to their backs resembling tail feathers for a bird costume: one pink, the other sky blue. Graceful steps and hand gestures practiced for centuries by the Tai Kuen guide the ladies around the center of the village circle as they mimic birds. In northern Thailand a village has gathered for a festival. Part of the celebration includes a dance by these young ladies from the Tai Kuen, a minority people group who live in the area.
Most Tai Kuens mix Buddhism with spirit and ancestor worship. “The most important spirit is the spirit of the land, which has to be propitiated daily with food and beverage….” Recently a Christian presence has grown, and as many as 2,000 Tai Kuen followers of Jesus exist today. In the past Buddhist monks ridiculed the Christians saying, “If your God is so great, how come His book is not in our language?” But now the Tai Kuen have received New Testaments that they can read, and even the monks have requested copies and are studying them. (http://asiaharvest.org/pages/profiles/nonChina/Thailand/Khun.pdf)

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that Christ’s followers among the Tai Kuen will demonstrate the life-changing power of Jesus to their families and neighbors. Pray that the monks will hear the call of the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus. Pray that the believers will remain “one in the Spirit.”

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