Daily Topic for June 05, 2012

Colossians 1:11
…being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience…

Devotion to God gives us strength by His Holy Spirit. That strength does not give us the same kind of “strength” exhibited by shamans and witchdoctors, but it gives us strength to bear good fruit such as endurance and patience. Isn’t this the kind of strength we want? The nations will be seeking this, if they know it is available?

Pray that the Tai Yai people will soon be empowered by the Holy Spirit to have patience and endurance that will glorify Christ.

Tai Yai Shan People of Myanmar

by GEC

A Burmese man, “David,” works near Inle Lake, a shallow lake in Shan State, Myanmar. God called him to bring the gospel to the people who live there, many of whom are Tai Yai. They need abundant water to grow their world famous rice, as well as other produce. Long slender boats skim the lake as men and women commute to their garden plots that float on the water.
Buddhist shrines surround the lake, mingling with houses on stilts. In the main temple worshipers bow before three ornate, gold-covered statues of the Buddha. Incense and flowers sit before his statue to win his favor. On festival days boats arrive at the temple to transport the statues around the lake to the various shrines.
“David” does his work, seeking to win friends and to share the gospel. He faces a difficult task. Already he has been chased from his home. Yet he finds a new place to live and starts again, always in sight of Inle Lake and the Tai Yai people. Slowly, a small group begins following Jesus.

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Pray for physical and spiritual protection for “David” and others like him in the Tai Yai area of Myanmar’s Shan State as they sow the seeds of the gospel. Pray that they will remain faithful to the Lord and to what He has called them to do. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring forth a great harvest for their faithfulness.

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