Daily Topic for June 04, 2012

Colossians 1:10c
…growing in the knowledge of God…

It’s very common among Buddhist-animistic peoples like the Tai Lue to think of all religions as the same. Such a position tells us that they do not know about the difference between the small gods they worship and the One who created the cosmos. And this is not to mention the knowledge of holiness, righteousness, and truth that comes from the Lord. How can we not offer this knowledge to those who need it?

Pray for all of the Tai peoples to come to the knowledge that God is the only One worthy of their devotion.

Tai Lue People

by JWS

Some call the Tai Lue people “water people” because they celebrate each New Year by splashing water on each other. The water symbolizes washing away the sins of the old year and a fresh start for the new year. The Tai Lue people live in compact communities throughout Southeast Asia, but mostly in China’s Yunnan Province. Their culture is ancient, but it still thrives today. According to the Joshua Project, by the ninth century they had a well-developed agricultural system which included an extensive irrigation system and oxen and elephants to till the land. They still use an ancient script for formal written communications.
At times their communities honor their ancestors with a special ritual. Their villages or neighborhood roads are blocked to prevent entry or exit, and the entire community is surrounded by a rope, symbolizing unity and purity. No outsiders are allowed to witness this rite.
Their religious beliefs are a mixture of animism and Buddhism. They believe that if they live good lives, they will return to a better life after death. While they believe in unseen forces and spirits, they are resistant to the gospel of the wonderful Creator God who loves them.

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Pray that someone would go and tell them that Jesus is the one true God and the water of life. Pray they would be baptized, symbolizing a final washing away of the old sin-life and the beginning of a new life in Jesus Christ.

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