Daily Topic for June 03, 2012

Colossians 1:10b
…bearing fruit in every good work…

What kind of fruit comes from what we do? Most people do not think of such things. There are many people in Southeast Asia who sell their daughters into prostitution, not thinking beyond the immediate profit they receive. They don’t think of the ugly, rotten fruit of oppression, lust, exploitation, and death that they are sowing for the next generation. Others, like the people we are reading about today, don’t understand that believing in appeasing spirits that oppose Christ is very costly. How can they be guided in the right direction without understanding the purposes of the Savior?

Pray that workers in Thailand will be encouraged and that their efforts will ultimately result in people bearing good fruit in all they do.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by SP

Under the rule of the new prince, Inthanon, McGilvary launched out to other areas. Riding elephants across jungles and valleys, he preached the gospel to local princes and villagers alike. His trips sometimes took him into the Shan territory of modern day Myanmar. He visited the Tai Leu (see tomorrow’s entry) and Dai villages of southern China’s Yunnan Province. He also went into northern Laos. Many eagerly listened to the message about the God who saves from sin; some even asked McGilvary to live among them and teach them more about the true and living God.
Back in Chiang Mai the number of followers of Christ grew, and the occasion arose for the first Christian wedding. However, an unbelieving family patriarch demanded a bride price to appease the spirits. Prince Inthanon was sympathetic, but could not stand against his powerful second in command who vehemently opposed Christianity. McGilvary appealed to the King of Siam. In due course a royal letter arrived stating that his majesty fully endorsed the rights of all Siamese citizens to embrace any religion. McGilvary had helped usher in a lasting era of freedom for believers in Thailand. Daniel and Sophia McGilvary continued to preach the gospel, and they saw the church across northern Siam grow and thrive. They lived to celebrate 50 years of marriage and missionary service.

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Pray for the Lord to use His ambassadors in Chiang Mai today for His purpose.

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