Daily Topic for May 31, 2012

Isaiah 16:4
Let the Moabite fugitives stay with you; be their shelter from the destroyer. The oppressor will come to an end, and destruction will cease; the aggressor will vanish from the land.

Throughout human history, there have been regular times where large numbers of people have had to seek refuge away from their traditional homes. The situation is very difficult for the refugee. They are among strangers who often use and abuse them. God told His children through Isaiah that they should provide shelter to Moabites. And this was one of the people groups the Israelites often fought!

Pray that we will obey the words of Isaiah and give shelter to those who have been our enemies.

Pray for the Refugees June 17th or 24th

(Taken from http://www.refugeehighway.net/)
The refugee highway spans the globe and is filled with stories of human suffering. The challenges encountered along the highway are complex, and include meeting spiritual needs, dealing with emergency crises, providing physical necessities, healing emotional trauma, and advocating for justice.
The Refugee Highway Partnership grew out of a vision to connect the many different people involved in ministry at diverse points along the refugee highway.
World Refugee Sunday is an opportunity for you to join the churches around the world in praying for refugees and internally displaced people.
World Refugee Sunday is celebrated by the Refugee Highway Partnership in cooperation with the World Evangelical Alliance. You can find additional information about refugees and displaced persons at: www.RefugeeHighway.net.
Email info@refugeehighway.net for more information.
Web site: http://www.refugeehighway.net/events/world-refugee-sunday
June 17 or 24

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for refugees who are resettling in strange lands. Everything is new and different for them. Protect them from thieves. Help them to communicate well. Give them patience with one another and with those they contact. Above all, pray for them to have the chance to experience Jesus’ saving power.

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