Daily Topic for May 28, 2012

Romans 1:13b
…in order that I might have a harvest among you, just as I have had among the other Gentiles.

Paul’s single–minded vision should be an encouragement to believers today. In this verse he reminds the Romans of his primary ministry—preaching the gospel to the Gentiles. Many believers set out on the path of bringing the gospel to the nations, but become sidetracked. But who will go to the nations? We need thousands of new workers who, like Paul, will focus exclusively on the task of reaching the people groups that have no church of their own. Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest, wants us to pray that thousands will go as new missionary recruits to the unreached peoples.

Ask God to send some from your own church. Most likely some displaced people live near you.

Displaced Central Thai People in Thailand

by WK

The rains had finally stopped, but the river running through Bangkok continued to rise. Trolley cars delivered sandbags to the front lines in the effort to save the capital city from flooding. These were the worst floods Thailand had experienced in 50 years. Three hundred people had died.
At the refugee center people cheered when a shipment of food arrived. “Even after the flooding stops, life will never be the same,” said a Central Thai man who had just received a bag of rice. “The factory I worked at was washed away. Even if I could go back to my home town, I’ll have no job.” It will take years and millions of dollars to fix the damage caused by last year’s floods. Missionaries are heavily involved in the relief efforts. You’ll find them distributing food and providing comfort for those who have been displaced by the flooding.
Almost all Central Thai people are Buddhists. There are very few followers of Jesus Christ within this people group.

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Thank God for faithful workers in Thailand who are bringing both physical and spiritual relief to the people. May the love of God demonstrated by these workers open Thai hearts to the Savior. Pray for spiritual light to break the darkness that has plagued Thailand for centuries.

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