Daily Topic for May 26, 2012

Romans 5:1
Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We unrighteous sinners have been justified by faith through our Lord Jesus. And that justification has given us peace with the God of the universe, the Ruler and Lord of all. Yet all around us we see a world that has no peace. Countries fight over rocks in the ocean, religious groups fight over the hearts and minds of their adherents and families fight over what TV programs to watch. If Jesus Christ is the key to individual peace with God, He is certainly the key to peace in families within countries and between countries and peoples.

Pray that the Prince of Peace will use us to spread the good news of His peace to every nation.

Displaced Burmese People

by GEC

Minn shivers in the tropical heat, partly from the spill she took in the Mae Sai River. But she also trembles in fear. She has just escaped from Myanmar. What will happen to her in Thailand? Ahi’s friendly voice calls out to Minn. Ahi volunteers at one of the chain of refugee centers along the Thailand-Myanmar border. Ahi will take her time to win Minn’s trust. In days that follow she asks about Minn’s parents. First Minn said they died of a sickness. Then a snake bit them. Finally Minn admits soldiers killed her parents.
It is unclear which armed force is guilty of murdering Minn’s parents. Civil war and internal strife have characterized Burma since its independence from Britain in 1948. There are dozens of ethnic groups that are oppressed by the ethnic Burmese majority that controls Myanmar, and this fact results in many non-state armed groups (NSAGs). Both the NSAGs and the official army have been accused of brutal crimes against innocent people. Myanmar’s cruel military junta bowed to popular demand recently and allowed elections in 2011. While observers insist the results were unreliable, still some improvements have come. Yet it is estimated that there are as many as three million displaced Burmese refugees in various countries.

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Pray for safety for relief agencies who minister to the displaced people of Myanmar. Pray that believers among the volunteers will find opportunities to share Christ with the refugees.

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