Daily Topic for May 24, 2012

Romans 15:30, 32
I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me…so that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and together with you be refreshed.

There are believers who live among the unreached Uighurs in Xinjiang. But it will be very difficult for them to reach this Muslim people group because believers are from the Han Chinese peoples, and the Uighurs view them as oppressors. It will be very difficult for the Uighurs to give Chinese believers a chance to earn their trust. The situation requires much prayer.

Pray for an outpouring of prayer for Chinese believers in Xinjiang Province, so that they can joyfully reach out to their Uighur neighbors with the love of Christ.

Uighur Refugees

by CN

An August 25, 2011 article in the newspaper, Free Malaysia,  said, “Chinese Uighur Muslims fleeing prosecution in China will face an uncertain fate if Malaysia deports them back to China.” The article also said, “a Uighur in Thailand was handed over to Chinese officials by Thai authorities. The same day Malaysian officials arrested 16 Uighurs. Two days later, Pakistan blindfolded and handcuffed five Uighurs…”
In the mid-ninth century the Uighurs inhabited part of present-day Mongolia. Around AD 840 they were attacked from the north by the Kirghiz and fled southwest to their current homeland, which is Xinjiang Province in northwest China. Today, however, the best jobs and political power in their land have been given to the ethnic Han Chinese. Unrest in Xinjiang and fear of persecution has led many of them to flee the country. They are now scattered into various countries.
Most Uighurs adhere to a form of folk Islam. Although almost all of them confess to be Muslims, few are aware that one time in history the majority of them were Christian, according to the Joshua Project. Today there are many Chinese believers in Xinjiang, but they have little contact with the Uighurs. Today there are about 50 known Uighur Christians in China, and there are 400 Uighur believers in neighboring Kazakhstan.

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Pray for a vision among Christ’s followers to reach out to the Uighurs with Jesus’ love, that they will find their refuge in Him.

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