Daily Topic for May 23, 2012

Romans 12:5
So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

One of the most exciting things happening in the world today is the partnership between the older churches and the younger churches in mission outreach. Older churches have known the gospel for many centuries, and they have been the traditional missionary-sending churches. In the last 40 years, “younger churches” have been planted among Hmong refugees and among Hmong people in China and Vietnam. Now these churches have the opportunity to reach the remaining Hmong subgroups that remain unreached in places like Laos.

Pray that the Hmong people in Laos, who already have a hunger for a savior, will open their spiritual eyes and see Jesus.

Hmong Refugees

by CN

“Hmong Refugees live in fear in Laos and Thailand.” So read the headline of a July 24, 2010, Time magazine article.
Yet as one asylum seeker tells his friend aboard the Thai military truck transporting them out of Bangkok back to Laos, “We need not fear. We have a Savior who will one day reveal himself to us. He will throw off our yoke of oppression and establish an independent Hmong homeland.” Being forcibly repatriated to Laos, however, these refugees fear government persecution when they arrive in Laos.
Scholars who have traced the history of the Hmong people suggest that they originally lived in Persia or Babylon. Then they migrated north into Siberia for a time before entering northern China. Hmong legends and Chinese records support such claims. They state that the Hmong once lived in a homeland where “days and nights lasted six months, the water was frozen, and snow hid the ground; where only a few trees grew, and they were small.”
Despite having their own New Testament, the JESUS Film and other ministry tools, there are only about 1,000 Hmong believers in Laos today. Almost the entire believing community fled the country in 1975.

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Pray for Hmong believers scattered around the world to be called to evangelize their people in Laos. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those Hmong who are still in Laos to receive the good word of God. Ask God to protect and bless those Hmong that still live in Laos, so that they will realize Jesus is the Savior whom they seek.

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