Daily Topic for May 22, 2012

Romans 3:29
Is he not the God of Gentiles too?

The passage of Romans 3:21-29 is a glorious one, proclaiming that we are justified not by the outward performance of the works of the Law, but by an inward heart of obedience and faith. The path to becoming righteous in God’s sight is the same for all men—the gift of His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (v.24). Meditate on this great truth today. The God that we know and worship loves the entire human race. He loves the Animists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Taoists, Buddhists, and others. They may not know it, but He is their God. He longs for them to learn about Him and accept Him. He wants to be their Savior, too! What a wonder it is that He has entrusted us with the gospel to share with them.

Pray that the Father will help us to see the unreached peoples as He does.

Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees

by EJD

The constant humming of the airplane engine augmented Cumarswamy’s fears. He was gripped by a crippling fear on account of his imminent return to the country where he was born. He had very few memories of the small coastal village his parents called home before they were driven out of Sri Lanka by the bloody civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. Cumarswamy’s Tamil Hindu family had escaped with only the clothes they wore that day. He vividly remembers fleeing in the rickety fishing boat that creaked at every buffeting wave.
All these years he had lived with the fortunate few in his family that had fled that fateful night across the Palk Strait. For the next 26 years they called a refugee camp in Rameswaram, India home. They were taken care of as refugees, but the sting of not belonging was an ever-present reality.
Since the fighting has now ceased, Cumarswamy decided to return to Sri Lanka with a few others. But his decision was rife with fear, for he didn’t know if things have really changed. Will he be welcomed as a son of the soil, or will those who remained in Sri Lanka during the turmoil look upon him with suspicion and hatred?

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Pray that through the saving knowledge of Christ, the Sri Lankan Tamils displaced by war will feel accepted. Pray that they will throw away their Hindu gods and give their complete allegiance to Jesus.

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