Daily Topic for May 18, 2012

Exodus 22:21
Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt.

It’s ironic that in today’s reading it is the non-residents (i.e., aliens) who are oppressing others from their own ethnic group. But in a way it shouldn’t be a surprise. Bengali Muslims are far removed from the exhortations of the Bible. How will they know that young women are given dignity and worth by the God of Creation unless someone makes an all-our effort to take them the gospel?

Pray for the Bengali Muslims in the U.K. to hear and embrace the ways of Jesus, which provide God-rather than man-centered freedom. Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower those reaching out to Bengalis with His wisdom and love.

Bangladeshis in the U.K.

by JS

Glass slippers, a golden coach, a royal ball, and a handsome prince are the hallmarks of the Cinderella story where everyone lives happily ever after; but in reality that scenario is only a fairy tale. Police in the U.K. have a name for an all too common crime involving South Asian slave brides: the Cinderella Syndrome.
Hundreds of women from South Asia who have come to the U.K. to marry have been treated as domestic slaves by their in-laws. “… she may be in a situation where everywhere she goes her abuser or a family member involved in the collusion is actually going with her,” reports one official. Many Bangladeshi women are involved in the abuse, and the chief abuser quite often is the mother-in-law.
Some Bangladeshi girls have been lured away from their homes with promises of jobs. Because some are kept under lock and key, there is little chance for government intervention, and very few girls can escape without help. Officials can only intervene in cases brought to their attention. Police and charities are concerned that incidents are not reported because of family pressure and fear of reprisal.

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Pray for increased sensitivity and scrutiny in both the Asian community and the police force to discover and intervene in domestic abuse cases. Pray for God to intervene on behalf of these women who have become virtual slaves.

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