Daily Topic for May 14, 2012

Romans 4:11
So then [Abraham] is the father of all who believe but have not been circumcised, in order that righteousness might be credited to them.

Chapter four is an extensive explanation that Abraham’s righteousness came from faith rather than from works, including the work of circumcision. He was counted as righteous before he became circumcised, and so he is able to be called the father of all who truly believe, whether they are circumcised or not. This was a radical statement for Paul to make, but he was explaining to the Gentiles and the Jews in the church at Rome that they both fit into God’s Kingdom on the basis of the obedience of faith from the heart.

Thank the Lord that He has made all the Gentiles potential members of His Kingdom by faith, not by works.

Saharawi Refugees

by JR

If a fire were to destroy your home, you would be forced to spend time living in a shelter, hotel room, or with a relative or friend until your home was restored. The circumstances would be devastating, and the living arrangement, although you’d be grateful for it, would not be your preference.
The Saharawi refugees are a people who know what it means to be forced out of their homes. Since 1976 after the Madrid Accords were signed, they have been driven out of their homeland (previously called the Spanish Sahara) by the terrible violence that followed the agreement. Thousands of these refugees have fled to Algeria and Morocco.
The land which is now called Western Sahara has been the subject of severe disputes. Neighboring Mauritania and Morocco now both claim it as their own. The UN, however, does not recognize either country’s sovereignty over Western Sahara and considers it a “non self governing territory.” There has been a ceasefire in place since 1991, but no true resolution to the issues. The Muslim refugees from the country and those who have remained there have continued their pursuit of independence and better living conditions. However, with circumstances what they are, there is no sign of improvement.

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Pray that the daily needs of the Saharawis will be met during these difficult times, and that they will hear about the living and true God who loves them while they are in exile.

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