Daily Topic for May 12, 2012

Romans 10:15
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

For many years, the Kurds have not been willing to listen to the good news. But in the last 20 years some Kurds in northern Iraq have been willing to listen to those who bring good news to their suffering land. These missionaries are from the West, and Iraqi Kurds view them as allies against the Arabs. In Turkey, on the other hand, Kurds view Westerners as allies with their Turkish enemies, and the response is very different. It is difficult for people to accept the good news from those they view as enemies.

Pray that those who bring the good news to the unreached Kurds will be able to win their trust, despite international issues.

Kurdish Refugees and IDPs

by CL

The term “displaced” could refer to moving a cup on a table, as in, “The cup is displaced from its usual spot.” But when people are displaced, it means much more. It means they have been forced to flee because of war, disaster, or persecution. Displaced people become homeless. Some never settle in a permanent home again.
The Kurds have been a homeless, displaced people for most of the 20th century. Thus far the 21st century is looking like more of the same.
During World War I Kurds were forced to flee for their lives from Turkey. In the 1930s, a Kurdish rebellion led to a massacre and hundreds of thousands of Kurds were displaced. In the last 40 years, an estimated three million have become refugees and internally displaced people.
Some believe the Kurds should have their own nation in the place where they have resided for hundreds of years, a land that straddles parts of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. Kurds who try to form their own nation wind up fighting the governments of these countries.
Hundreds of thousands of Kurds have migrated as refugees to places like the United Kingdom and the United States. While losing their homes is not an easy thing, the members of this Muslim people group who are in Diaspora can have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel in their adopted countries.

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Pray for displaced Kurds—no matter their location—to be reached with the good news. Pray for mission groups to focus their attention on this waiting harvest field.

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