Daily Topic for May 09, 2012

Psalm 72:4
He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; He will crush the oppressor.

This verse can be a great source of comfort for members of the Ahmadiyya sect who are being oppressed all over the world. God will defend them. Yet they can’t rest in this verse alone. Without Christ, they are facing eternity without the One who can defend and save them. As it stands, these oppressed people are being used of Satan to spread doubt about the Savior.

Pray that the Ahmadiyya members will see the errors of their ways and open their eyes to see Jesus, the true messiah.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Refugees

by PE

Nuuan swaddled her newborn in part of her veil. Lowering her eyes she moved quickly toward the bus in the courtyard of the Bangkok prison where she and her family had been imprisoned for seven months. Nuuan’s husband bowed low to the well-armed Thai guards, mumbling thanks to them for their “hospitality.” Ninety-six men were released from prison that day. These Pakistani Ahmadiyya Muslim men quickly made their way to join their wives and children.
Nuuan’s husband shivered as he fought off thoughts of his wife giving birth in this desolate place, and the memories of unspeakable terror in Pakistan where they endured severe persecution. As members of Islam’s Ahmadiyya sect, they were not given any civil or political rights. So they fled the nightmare in Pakistan to Thailand where all refugees from Pakistan are categorized as illegal immigrants and imprisoned.
The Ahmadiyyas are a strange sect of Islam that believes that there is a divine reformer and messiah named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ahmadiyyas are noted for their ability to refute biblical Christianity. Because of their peculiar beliefs, Muslims persecute them, especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

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Pray that wherever Ahmadiyyas go to find safety, Christ’s followers will reach out to them in love and be a living example of true godliness. Pray that many will find peace and salvation in Jesus. Pray for Ahmadiyyas to open their hearts to the claims of the true Messiah.

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