Daily Topic for May 03, 2012

Romans 15:20
It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.

It is a great joy to see anyone come to know and serve Jesus Christ. But Paul points out here that there is a special joy in teaching Christ where He is not known, not building on other people’s foundation. This is the work of a frontier missionary like Rev. Chea. Though there are Khmer fellowships in some parts of America and Cambodia, his work began in an area where there was no foundation from someone else’s work.

Pray for many thousands to experience the joy of starting fellowships among the unreached peoples.

Missionary Biography, Continued

Rev. Sahara Chea summarizes what he sees God doing these past years.
“Someone reached out to me when I was a refugee, so I have been reaching out to others for over 20 years. God began to work in my life back in the refugee camp—but the reality is that He found me and called me to service from the foundation of the world. It was through the church leadership that I came to know those good pastors that helped to shape my life of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Many meetings, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, conferences, mission study trips – they all helped me to learn more about Jesus Christ. My pastors influenced my life, and I began to recognize my call to ministry and began my service to Christ with gratitude, humility, and hope. The journey has been rocky at times, but fulfilling because God is still leading, and I will follow Him until my very last day on this planet. I am a living sacrifice to serve others ever since I received Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

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Pray that more Cambodian and American churches would work together to see the Khmer people reached for Christ throughout the United States. Pray for God to tear down spiritual walls that keep the Khmer community away from Christ.

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