Daily Topic for May 01, 2012

Romans 3:22
The righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.

What Sahara was beginning to learn when that missionary gave him a Bible was this same gospel, summarized in Romans 3:22. God’s righteousness comes to those who put their faith in Christ and believe in Him. There are no rituals required, no sacrifices, just faith in Christ. These next two days we will see how Sahara’s faith in the living God spelled out in action, both in Southeast Asia and in the United States.

Praise God that we are saved by faith, not by works! Pray that this message will go out to Khmer communities throughout the United States and result in more faith in Christ.

Missionary Biography, Dr. Sahara Chea

(In Dr. Sahara Chea’s own words) “I was born in 1968, the year trouble began in Cambodia. The U.S. bombed Cambodia, and my family no longer had a home. My father had been working under the American military advisers fighting against the spread of Communism to Cambodia.”
“On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. My family and I were forced out of the Capitol city of Phnom Penh at gunpoint to live at a small village located in northeastern Cambodia. I was seven year old, separated from my family, and forced to work hard in the rice fields. I nearly died from overwork and starvation.”
“In the fall of 1979, the Vietnamese overthrew the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and I was able to be reunited with my family except for my father who disappeared and was presumed dead. Even after the fall of the Khmer Rouge, life was impossible in Cambodia, so we left the country and lived for a time in refugee camps in Thailand. There were Christian missionaries at one of them who befriended me, and one of them gave me a Bible. That was the beginning of my faith journey in Christ.”
“I learned English on the streets and by teaching myself. One year later the refugee camp was closed. The U.S. Department of Immigration gave us political asylum to enter the U.S.”

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Pray for those facing tragic situations today to have the strength to survive and flourish as Christ’s servants.

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