Daily Topic for April 29, 2012

Acts 28:28
Therefore I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen.

In a way, this is a sad ending to the book of Acts. Paul was closing the door to his witness to the Jews because they had so often rejected God’s appeal through him. He wanted them to realize that their hardness of heart was the main reason for his focus on the Gentiles. But in another sense this is a happy ending. It says that the Gentiles will listen and, indeed, they did! The book of Acts ends as it begins; God is concerned that the church should proclaim His salvation to all the nations. From there, we get church history, starting with “Acts 29.” What role in Church history is your local church playing?

Pray that our churches will respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to send missionaries to frontier missions.

Gurkhas in London

by CL

“Ayo gorkhali!” That was the battle cry of Nepal’s Gurkhas. It literally means, “The Gurkhas are coming!” And they are indeed coming to England. They arrive at Heathrow Airport in London with almost nothing. Having left their homes in Nepal, they come with a suitcase worth of possessions. Some of them come with less.
The government of Great Britain is at a loss as to what should be done with these soldiers. The Gurkhas fought bravely with the British military for almost two centuries. The British considered them to be among the “martial” people groups of South Asia, so they recruited Gurkhas for their military forces. It was a smart move; the Gurkhas were a source of terror to anyone who dared to fight them. As a result, in 2009 they were awarded the “automatic right” to settle in Great Britain. Approximately 36,000 of them now live in England.
“Ayo ghorkhai!” – the Gurkhas are coming! And now they are here. But upon reaching London, they are immediately in need. They have no place to live, no jobs, and no skills that would be useful for London’s modern economy. Even more importantly, most have yet to hear the gospel message.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Christ’s followers to teach valuable urban job skills to the Hindu Gurkhas in London. Pray for Gurkhas to find spiritual refuge in Christ. Pray that they will have an opportunity to respond to God’s invitation to become part of the Kingdom of God.

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