Daily Topic for April 22, 2012

Psalms 33:13-15
From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind. He watches all who live on earth—He who forms the hearts of all.

God watches over and loves all mankind. He even loves those from people groups like the Pushtuns that aren’t very “loveable.” This is the same God who sent His Son to be mocked, beaten, and killed on a cross; then, He rose from the dead and ascended to the Father 2,000 years ago. What an awesome Savior! Certainly our efforts in the Great Commission cannot “pay” Him back, but they are what we can do to obey Him.

Pray that God will raise up obedient servants to go to the Pushtun people who live in London.

Pushtun People in London

by CN

Walking the streets of London early one foggy evening, the missionary couple prays for the Pushtun people to whom they have been sent. How do you recognize a Pushtun in modern-day London, or in cities of the 10 other countries where they reside?
Traditionally, Pushtuns have lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In that part of the world Pushtun men wear sleeveless embroidered vests over long sleeved cotton shirts, buttoned at one shoulder and hanging over baggy trousers. On their heads they wear unique turbans, tied in a way to indicate tribal identity. Their women dress like other Muslim females. But in 21st century London Pushtuns may look like any other British citizen. They can be found laboring in regular jobs like other Londoners.
Pushtuns are said to be hospitable, considerate, fierce in hatred, and kind in friendship. In religion, the Pushtun people are Sunni Muslims. In Afghanistan Islam came to them as a great liberating force, freeing them from the cult of Hindu Brahminism and the harshness of Buddhism. They remain strongly loyal to Islam as a religious system.

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Pray that the Pushtun people will recognize Isa (Jesus) as the true liberator and find their peace and security in Him. Ask God to break up the hard soil of Pushtun hearts through worship and intercession. Pray for God to remove all obstacles that keep the Pushtun people away from the Lord. Pray for the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom to mission agencies working among them.

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