Daily Topic for April 21, 2012

Acts 8:31-35
“How can I [understand],” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.

Philip asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he was reading, and the man admitted that he did not. Many valuable literature and radio ministries are being conducted today among some of the world’s unreached peoples like the Hazaras. But these peoples often have the same problem as the Ethiopian eunuch: they need further face-to-face explanation of what they read and hear. The Great Commission is a call for God’s people to live among peoples isolated from such opportunities. Such opportunities are available in London for those who want to reach the Hazaras. Who will go?

Pray for more face-to-face laborers in London who will begin from the Scriptures and preach Jesus to unreached peoples.

Hazara People in London

by CN

Many Hazara people from Afghanistan have fled their homeland due to civil unrest and the wrath of Taliban militants. The majority of the people in Afghanistan are Sunni Muslims, and the Hazaras are mostly Shi’ites. Therefore, although the Hazaras are doing better economically since the downfall of the Taliban regime, they still must live as a religious minority in a dangerous, hostile environment. Some have fled to London.
There are two groups of Hazaras in London. The first group includes those from upper middle class families. They are well educated, and doing well in London. The second group is finding it difficult to settle into the new culture. Though there is some class struggle between the two groups, they share two things in common: a loss of the land they love, and a fear of Taliban sympathizers within the U.K.
With the continuation of the Afghan war and the extreme prejudice against all religions except Islam in Afghanistan, little Christian work can be carried out among the Hazaras in their homeland. At this time any significant work must be done outside of Afghanistan. But even in London the old ways persist, and it is difficult to reach this people group because of fear of their fellow Afghans. If they convert they could face severe persecution.

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Pray that the Hazara people in London will find peace and safety in this land so far away from Afghanistan. Pray that they will meet Christ followers who will share with them Isa (Jesus). Then they can learn of the true God who loves them and find peace through His love and eternal hope.

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