Daily Topic for April 20, 2012

Acts 5:28
…you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching.

Chapters five and six of Acts yield several indications that the apostles were obedient to the Lord’s command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem. The number of disciples was quickly getting very large (6:1, 6:7)! But what about the rest of the Lord’s command? Had He not said they should go beyond Jerusalem? Yes! How easy it is to become absorbed in issues close to home, and thereby forget the needs of other peoples in other places. Are there any ways in which you or your church has neglected the frontiers of mission?

Thank the Father for all He has done in our homes and churches through the witness of our spiritual fathers. Pray that we will not become preoccupied with these blessings. Pray that He will use us to bring blessings to the whole world.

Khoja Shi�ite Muslims in London

by PD

“As our eyes pour out tears at this time of Muharram (first month on the Islamic calendar), let’s not forget all the poor children and Shi’ite Muslims who know nothing about the Battle of Karbala [Iraq] in 680 AD or Islam!”
The President of the Khoja Shi’ite Ithna Asheri Muslim Community (KSIMC) continued his appeal for donations from his group. “For a donation of $1,570, you can sponsor a Khoja Shi’ite Islamic scholar for three years so he can go to poor places like Pakistan and teach them. Then they will join us on Ashura (the 10th and final day of Muharram) as we mourn the murder of our great imam, Hussein Ali, Mohammad’s grandson, and his companions who suffered for us. Then they will understand that for every tear we Shi’ites shed for Hussein, Allah washes away 100 sins and elevates us closer to Paradise with Him.”
The majority of Khoja Shi’ites originally settled in regions of India and Pakistan. Some have migrated to other parts of the world. In London, they are well established in professions and businesses. London is the base where leaders of the KSIMC are working to help poor Shi’ite Muslims with spiritual and humanitarian efforts.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that followers of Christ will develop friendships with Khoja Shi’ites that will lead to knowing the Living God of the Bible and the tremendous gift He gave when Jesus shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of their sins.

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