Daily Topic for April 17, 2012

Acts 8:5
Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there.

Two factors are quite significant in this single statement. The first is that Philip, a layman, began sharing the gospel outside of Jerusalem. The second is that Philip, a Jew, was sharing the good news with the Samaritans—people who were cultural enemies of the Jews, and he was having tremendous success. What a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit! Think of those groups that you consider enemies. Yet among these peoples are many hungry hearts. Will national prejudice blind us to the needs of these peoples, or will we allow the love of Christ to break down the barriers of suspicion and misunderstanding?

Pray that God will use us to bless the “Samaritans” in our lives.

Memons in London

by PD

“Congratulations Sir Iqbal Sacranie on being Knighted by the Queen! I hope your influence with the Queen and the British Parliament will insure our new generation, and that they will have good Islamic schools supported by the government so the needs of Muslim people will be met.”
Sir Sacranie, a prominent Memon from London, was reading a letter a teacher sent to him. He was grateful that his 35 years of service as founder and leader of the United Kingdom Memon Association (UKMS) had made a difference in the Islamic communities of Britain. He hoped that he could live up to this teacher’s expectations.
Memons are predominantly Sunni Muslims whom historically have been successful merchants in the business communities of Pakistan and India. Gradually, Memons migrated to many regions of the world including Asia, Africa, and Europe. They are usually well recognized for their efforts to help the Muslim communities. This is especially true in London.

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Pray that God will send serious, prepared, and patient followers of Christ to befriend Memon Muslims and show them the ways of Jesus in word and deed. May Memons in London come to know and accept Jesus as the One who desires to teach them through His Word and lead them to eternal salvation. May such new faith cause many Memons to bring other Muslims to the Lord.

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