Daily Topic for April 13, 2012

Acts 17:29-30
Therefore, since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like … an image made by man’s design and skill.

Here is a concise gospel message Paul gave to the idol-worshipping Greeks of his day that also applies to today’s Hindu people groups. Idols are not gods at all; the only One worthy of worship is the God of Abraham who came down to earth and took the form of the man, Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again the third day. What will it take for Hindu people in today’s world to embrace the Savior?

Pray that the Hindu peoples of London, be they Gujarati, Bengalis, or otherwise, will open their hearts to the fact that it’s time to put away idols and repent before the risen Lord.

Hindu Gujaratis in India and London

by JR

The Hindu Gujaratis who populate the state of Gujarat in India have practiced the Hindu religion and belief systems for many centuries. Located on the coast of India, the state of Gujarat has a large port which greatly enriches the area and offers many good job opportunities for the Gujaratis. Textiles, primarily silk products, are the main export of Gujarat. Gujarat is India’s most industrialized and prosperous state.
From time to time Gujarati Hindu merchants have been forced to relocate due to changing economic conditions. Today, with centuries of experience in trade and business, they are well qualified to participate in the rapidly expanding world economy. It’s no wonder that many of them have moved to London, the “world’s capital” of commerce and banking. The Gujaratis who have made London their home have brought their excellent business experience and success with them. However, there are almost no believers in Jesus Christ in Gujarat, as well as within the Gujarati communities in London.

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Pray that believers will undertake the challenge of establishing strong Christ-centered fellowships across Gujarat and among the Gujarati Hindus in London, England. Pray that God will prepare their hearts and break through the layers of Hindu beliefs and traditions so that they can receive the good news that there is a wonderful God who loves them and died on the cross for their sins. Pray for God to shed light on any spiritual darkness that prevents the Gujarati Hindus from embracing Christ.

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