Daily Topic for April 11, 2012

Psalms 33:8
Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere Him.

Do you think God the Father is grieved today because “all the earth” does not fear Him, that “all the people of the world” do not yet revere Him? He bore sin’s penalty—death on a cross—for each one! Think of it—the only Son of God being brutally beaten and killed a merciless death so that God the Father can show mercy to spiritually lost humanity! Like Rajputs who fled India years ago, Jesus knows what it is like to leave home and face abuse at the hands of evil men. There are some from among these prominent Hindus who would identify with Him if someone would tell them.

Pray for someone who loves Jesus to take His Name to Rajputs in the West.

Rajputs in London

by EJD

The lace curtains were billowing in the wind sending a frigid draught into the room where the bespectacled Geetha sat reading her book. The latest breeze forced her to put her book down and walk to the window to pull the shutter down. Having done that she found herself gazing at the cotton mill that her husband worked in and later owned. The building stood against the grey background of a typical London winter afternoon.
Life for her has greatly changed since that horrible December day in 1948. She was but a frightened six-year-old fleeing the terror of the Muslim part of a country recently partitioned. Like many Hindu Rajput families, Geetha’s kin were forced to flee their palatial, ancestral home in Lahore when the eastern part of the Punjab province came under the sovereignty of India and the western part of the province came under Muslim Pakistan’s rule. Many Hindus were displaced from the western portion and Muslims had to leave the east. The ensuing communal violence is something that continues to haunt the ones who managed to escape it, even 64 years later.
Most Hindu Rajput families that sought refuge in London during those turbulent times have since begun to participate in that country’s trade, commerce, education, and even politics. As a prominent community among Hindus, they have flourished economically. But among the elders who remember the Partition, there is still a sadness.

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Pray that this affluent people group will be introduced to the generous love of the “Tower of all refuge,” Jesus Christ.

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