Daily Topic for April 08, 2012

Luke 24:5b-6a
Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!

The Lord has risen! Can anyone else make such a claim except Jesus, the Risen Christ? No one has ever risen from the dead except from the command of God Himself. Today we are reading about Hindus who celebrate a festival that deals with an epic battle between spiritual forces of good and evil. They believe that the goddess Durga was victorious in that battle, and that she is now invincible. But how can any spirit being be as powerful as the One raised from the dead by the God of Creation?

Pray that Hindu Bengalis will put Durga and all other spirit beings aside when they hear of the matchless power and holiness of Jesus, the Risen Christ.

Bengali Hindus

by LR

KER-SPLASH! The crowd by the banks of the Thames River caught their breath, as they watched the elephant statue of Ganesh topple off its stand and into the river.
Bengali Hindus annually celebrate the Durga Puja Festival, a time when they venerate large decorated statues of the goddess Durga. London’s Durga Puja Festival is among the grandest anywhere.
Hindus know Durga as a protector deity. They believe that many years ago the gods joined forces to fight an epic battle against evil. The combined energy created Durga as “the Invincible One.” The festival also honors the gods who created her, such as Ganesh and Laxmi.
On October 20 of this year Hindus will celebrate Durga through a festival. The Hindu Bengalis of London will be especially active in that festival. They will be dressed in party attire dancing, singing, attending parades, and offering worship at temples.
Bengali Hindus represent 40 percent of the population of Bengalis living outside of Bangladesh and northern India. London is home to thousands of them. London’s “Brick Lane” area features restaurant after restaurant of Bangladeshi food, run by Bengalis. Many Hindu Bengalis work in the management of these eating establishments in what is known as London’s Indian food district.

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Pray that God will reveal to the Bengali Hindus that Jesus is the true invincible one, and that He proved this when He rose from the grave Easter morning.

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