Daily Topic for March 17, 2012

John 4:36
"Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life..."

According to Jesus there is an urgency to fulfill the Great Commission. The analogy of a harvest is meant to bring to our minds a season of limited time. That is why Jesus urged us to pray for more workers to be sent. Our Lord’s harvest has eternal significance, and we should act accordingly. Yet there is also the joy of the season! Harvest is a time when everyone works together, and all are needed. It is a time of celebration which accompanies the hard work. Today we too should rejoice as we see multitudes coming into the Kingdom—more so than during any other period of history.

Pray that the entire Church might band together to bring in the final harvest before Christ’s coming.

Albanian People

by PD

“Did you know that our country was once officially an atheistic state? That changed in December of 1990. At that time our new leader, Ramiz Alia, announced we had religious freedom!”
Ali, a Muslim, was sharing with a family member who was born after communism fell. “Soon after this, I went to worship at the Ethem Bey Mosque where thousands of us made prayers of thanks to Allah.”
It was also during that year that, for the first time in history, a Christian evangelistic campaign was held at the national stadium in Tirana. No active evangelical churches had existed anywhere in the country, but miraculously within a few years new churches were planted in most towns and cities in Albania.
Today the population of Albania is over three million. A recent report shows about 63 percent of the people are Muslims and 31 percent are either Catholic or Orthodox Christians. A high percentage of the Muslims are not actively practicing Islam, nor do they desire to learn about their religion. There are a number of Albanian Muslims in Kosovo and Macedonia. Many Albanians feel that a little religion is just enough to make them rich or give them luck.

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Pray that those who follow Christ in Albania will be able to reach the Albanian Muslims with God’s good news.

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