Daily Topic for March 14, 2012

John 16:13
But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.

One of the most difficult moments in missionary work is turning over a ministry to local leaders and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide them. Jesus modeled this for all future missionaries who would follow Him by working with a group of disciples and then leaving at just the right time. They had to learn to rely on the Spirit’s power and guidance just as He did while He ministered here on earth. That is why the most important step in a missionary’s work is the last one—passing the baton of leadership and then getting out of the way! This requires great faith and trust in God’s sovereignty.

Pray that national church leaders might be raised up in every unreached people group that remains.

Lak People of the Ukraine

by PE

Bitaha smiled as she began to roll the freshly cut herb and cheese mixture into the thin dough. “Watch carefully,” she said to her daughter in Lak, before starting a conversation with a neighbor in Russian. These are only two of the multiple languages the Lak people speak fluently. They are the most multilingual of all the peoples of the former USSR.
The men of the tukhum, (the family group) are herding the sheep and goats to lowland pastures for the season, so Bitaha will take the lead in selecting marriage partners for the young people. She will also take part in the Lak planting and harvesting rituals still found among the rural Lak.
Devoutly Muslim, the Lak people enjoy the prestige of being the first among the area peoples who embraced Islam in the seventh century. There are no known followers of Christ among them, and they are completely unreached.

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Pray that the 1000 Lak people of the Ukrainian mountain valleys will hear and receive the gospel of Christ. Pray that God will push away untruth and deliver the Way, the Truth, and the Life into every Lak community. Pray that this multilingual people will take the lead in spreading the news of Jesus to the Muslim peoples of southern Russia and the Ukraine.

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